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Flustered Flutterer
(sorry, couldnt think of a better title)

I have recently been enamoured by the work of twitter user @amanojakubanzai so I did fan art of their fan art.  I highly recommend you check them out at  (i hope that link works).

So yeah.  Here is a smol Mystia Lorelei after making a meal of Wakasagihime.  Someone has seen her belly and mistakenly thought she was pregnant. 

"text" translation:
off screen: [pregnancy symbol common in Japan] ?

Mystia:! You've got it all wrong!

Belly: *gurgle*

Mystia is from Touhou
Overstuffed Dream Eater
This was part of an art trade with a regular on twitter.  They wanted to see Doremy Sweet from Touhou having had eaten a bit too many dreams.  

Text translation:  "I ate too much"
BanG Dream! vore
A regular on twitter suggested that I draw Moka Aoba having eaten Ran Mitake.  I'm not really familiar with the characters but I thought their designs were nice.
Also playing around with a slightly different way to do x-ray shots.  I have to say I like the way it worked out here.

Characters are from BanG Dream!
Wendy Vore
Alternate Title: "Meat so fresh, its still kicking"

Inspired by Superspacezone's recent work, I decided to draw Smug Wendy having eaten someone.  

This isn't something I ever expected to do, but the more outlandish the better.
Let the cat out of the bag
A quick drawing of Kaban having somehow accidentally eaten Serval Cat.  

I'll be honest, I drew this entirely because of a pun.  Kaban means "bag" and Serval is a cat, so cat in bag.  I had to.

Text translation:

Kaban: "S...Serval-chan? Are you really in there?"
Serval: "Where am I? It's warm."

Characters are from Kemono Friends


Definitely someone
United States
I have been doodling again lately, though my efforts will be focused on posting to twitter. You can find me here I guess

I might upload here, but I'll probably forget
I am at my current request limit and I have closed them for the time being.  Thank you everyone who commented for suggestions, though I guess I should be more specific in the future when I post one of these...

Well anyway, the requests slots are

Slot 1: iwantagreatusername 
Nozomi Toujou 

Slot 2:  Dimensional-Expander 
    Heavily pregnant Byakuren

Slot 3: 
3 girls pregnant with quints, octuplets and 12 babies respectively, I think I'll make these Touhou characters because why not

Again, I apologize if I didn't chose your request.  I just liked these three the most.


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mrjwongy Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
woahhhh, your art is drawn so well! I love it
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it.
AnxiousMoFo89 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you open for request? If not it's ok
lurker474 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017
Hi.  Thanks for the interest but I'm not taking requests at this time.
AnxiousMoFo89 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's ok
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thanks for the watch
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Likewise, thank you for the favorites!
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